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Guest Count: 200Bottle Size or CasePer Bottle or CaseQuantity NeededTotal Cost
Ketel One VodkaLiter$35.9920$719.80
Jack Daniels Bourbon WhiskeyLiter$41.995$209.95
Johnnie Walker Black ScotchLiter$57.994$231.96
Jameson IrishLiter$47.993$143.97
Captain Morgan Spiced RumLiter$27.504$110.00
Malibu Coconut RumLiter$26.993$80.97
Bacardi Silver RumLiter$19.502$39.00
Tanqueray GinLiter$38.994$155.96
Espolon Blanco TequilaLiter$29.994$119.96
Triple Sec Liter$8.992$17.98
Dry Vermouth375ml$3.992$7.98
Sweet Vermouth375ml$3.992$7.98
Coors Light (bottles)Case$24.998$199.92
Yuengling Lager (bottles)Case$24.996$149.94
Corona (bottles)Case$36.997$258.93
Kris Pinot Grigio750ml$14.9930$449.70
Bogle Chardonnay750ml$11.9924$287.76
Bogle Cabernet750ml$12.9924$311.76
Bogle Pinot Noir750ml$12.9918$233.82
Gerard Cote des Roses Rose750ml$16.9912$203.88
Verdi Champagne (Toast)1.5 liter$11.9910$119.90
La Marca Prosecco (At Bar)750ml$19.9912$239.88
Mixers package includes:$750.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Schweppes Tonic, Schweppes Club Soda, Bottled Water, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Pineapple Juice, Bloody Mary Mix, Sour Mix, Lime Juice, Grenadine, Limes, Lemons, Cherries, Olives & Ice
Bailey's Irish Creamliter$35.991$35.99
Amaretto di Saronnoliter$38.991$38.99
Discount 5%$257.90
Wedding Bar Staff - 5 hour open bar with 4 Bar Staff$920.00
After Party Bar Staff - 1 Bar Staff 2 Hours $80.00 (gratuity included)??$0.00
Sales Tax 6.625%$385.58
Wedding Bar Staff Gratuity $450.00

Prices may vary slightly due to periodic sales and how far in advance event is booked.

Normal bar staff start time is 4 hours prior to Cocktail Hour start time.

If beverages and service are needed before this time please let us know.

Bride and Groom drink of choice.

Bride – ??  /  Groom – ??
Bride parents – MOB – ?? / FOB – ??
Groom parents – MOG – ?? / FOG – ??

Pre-Ceremony Champagne: 0:00pm – 0:00pm ??

Cocktail Hour: 0:00pm – 0:00pm ??
Conservatory Main Bar (Full Bar) – Library (Full Bar)??

Bar will close immediately before guests are moved to reception.
Reception: 0:00pm – 0:00pm ??
Ballroom Main Bar (Full Bar) – Second Bar Back right corner (Full Bar)??

Signature Drink: ??

After Party: ??

Plastic cups needed for after party – Neptune or Client can provide.

After Party Bartender: ??

After Party bartender $25 hour 1st 2 hours then $50 hour.

Robert A. Hill (General Manager): 609-494-2900 (Liquor Store)
Email Address:

Meridith R. Hradek(Sales manager): 917-562-0190 (Cell)
Email Address:

Sara M. Price (Bar manager): 609-903-3341 (Cell)
Email Address:

Please make Alcohol Payments payable to Neptune Wines & Liquors. Bartending Payments to Here’s 2U.
Send to Address listed above or Credit Cards accepted by phone.
Available if needed additional Bartenders, Cocktail servers and Wine servers.

Alcoholic Beverage Serving Policy
No Shots or Drinks with three or more Liquors will be poured. Bartenders reserve the right to limit, refuse or discontinue alcoholic beverage service to an individual or group. Bartenders & Cocktail Service staff are required to request identification from any guest they believe to be under the age of 21. If proper identification is not provided, alcoholic beverages will not be served to that individual. Further, if any person(s) at the event provide alcoholic beverages to an underage individual, then Here’s 2U reserves the right to discontinue the serving of all alcoholic beverages. Here’s 2U is not responsible for consumption of any liquor not provided by Neptune Wines and Liquors, or served by Here’s 2U employee. Client will be responsible for all FINES & LIABILITY resulting from such actions.

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